NARROW RIDGE Community Land Trust
Washburn, Tennessee

Land Trust Lease Now Available

Featuring Black Fox Site #9
Owned & Administered by
Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center

Site now available for lease, offers beautiful mountain homesite in a peaceful setting for the environmentally conscious


Nearby Norris Lake

Country Land Adjoining an Environmental Ecology Center

Some features include:

Access to Norris Lake for swimming, boating and fishing is available within less than a mile of this property.

Shared driveway to a remote place that is buildable and that provides quiet haven. While a few leaseholders have constructed a home on their sites, no structures are currently in place on site #9.

Conservation easements attached to this site and all other Black Fox landtrust sites with enforcement responsibility of Narrow Ridge Center land trust committee. The purpose of the restrictions is to protect the land and its creatures from logging and other harmful development. (See document below.)

Paths through the 108-acres of dense community woods shared by all leaseholders connect to Hogskin Valley Community and Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center.

Annual Grainger County property tax is currently around $42 (2016). Narrow Ridge board of directors may require an annual administration fee of $50.

Large old Tennessee tobacco barn shared by all leaseholders.

Black Eyed Susans.jpg

Blackeyed Susans and Mayapples at Black Fox Landtrust Site #9

One-time lease payment of $17,750. Site #9:   3.9 acres.

If interested in purchasing this lease, call 865 525-8877.

Also, visit the Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center website for more information. Narrow Ridge offers opportunities to reconnect with the natural world through seasonal celebrations, organic gardening, day and night hikes, wild foraging and wild flower workshops, and solitary time outdoors.


Gently sloping area at the top of site 9.


Road through site 10.


Any activity on or use of the property contained within the Black Fox Community Land Trust inconsistent with the charter and by laws of Narrow Ridge, Inc. is prohibited. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the following activities and uses are expressly prohibited:

1. A legal or de facto subdivision of the property for any purpose except as may be necessary for the building of no more than one homesite as set forth in Exhibit A to the Lease Agreement.

2. Any commercial or industrial use or activity on the property, except those associated with agricultural, research, and/or educational purposes, or except those associated with sustainable cottage industries.

3. The placement or construction of any buildings, structures, roads, or other improvements of any kind, except for maintenance, renovation, expansion, or replacement of the existing barn; and except in conjunction with the construction of new trails, driveways, and/or the construction of no more than one new homesite and the outbuildings normally associated with homesteading.

4. Any alteration of the surface of the land, including, without limitation, the excavation or removal of soil, sand, gravel, rock, peat, or sod, except as may be required in the course of the construction of new trails and driveways, or the construction of the aforementioned homesite and associated outbuildings.

5. Any use or activity that causes or is likely to cause significant soil degradation or erosion or significant pollution of any surface or sub surface waters.

6. The cutting down or destruction or removal of growing trees, shrubs, or herbs, except as follows:
a. The cutting down or removal of trees or other vegetation necessary to control or prevent hazard along established or future trails and roadways;
b. The cutting down, removal, or use of chemical agents in the control of non indigenous plant species. Such action shall be in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws;
c. As necessary in conjunction with the construction of homes, outbuildings and access roads, with prior approval of Narrow Ridge.
d. The removal of vegetation for the purpose of developing home gardens and orchards.

7. The dumping or disposal of waste, refuse, and debris on the property.

8. The above ground installation of utility systems or extensions of existing utility systems, including, without limitation, water, power, fuel, and communication lines and related facilities, except as follows:
a. Installation of sustainable energy systems such as solar, wind, or hydroelectric;
b. Installation of L.P. gas tanks.

9. The placement of any signs or billboards on the property, except that signs whose placement, number, and design do not significantly diminish the scenic character of the property may be displayed to state the name and address of the property, the names of persons living on the property, to advertise property for sale or rent, to post property to control unauthorized entry or use, and to advertise on site activity including a cottage industry.

10. The exploration for, or development and construction of minerals and/or hydrocarbons by any mining method or any other method that would significantly impair or interfere with the conservation values of the property.

11. The establishment or maintenance of any commercial feedlot or other factory style animal production.


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